The future

Every once in a while you come across a place that makes you jump up and down and squeal. This weekend I was lucky enough to experience such joy.

Beans and I had just finished a disappointing meal at Bonnie and Clyde, which unbeknownst to us at the time, is right next door to Cult Coffee Espresso. Bemoaning the chef and menu (the library was open, as RuPaul would say) at the cute but borderline yucky Bonnie and Clyde, a mesmerizing glow caught the corner of my eye.

As if in slow motion, I turned my head and my brain began processing the fantastique that is Cult Coffee Espresso. I felt like the Terminator as I observed, processed, then identified the objects in the cafe before me;

  • a futuristic automatic coffee machine
  • a second, possibly more shiny coffee machine of a different brand
  • a plaque attesting to the presence of wifi
  • and not one, not two, but three vending machines with sundry exotic junk food goodies.

I felt as if I was seeing for the first time. The room, opening directly on to the street and promising to work from 6am to 10pm, radiated with the blinking and beeping and flashing enticements of its mechanical inhabitants.

And thus with jaw dropped, I entered Cult Coffee Espresso. Wallet still slighted from Bonnie and Clyde, I took Beans on the only date I could afford: a coffee and a hazelnut kit-kat eaten while standing at the bar, alone with our new machine friends, with only a security camera to witness our bliss.

Cult Coffee Espresso is the future, and the future is grand.

Cult Coffee Espresso
near to 15 Tsar Asen St.

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