smooth & creamy

So the big news of the week is that you can buy Belgian beers in Sofia. The sad thing is, is that I knew this 4 months ago but forgot. Ah, the aging mind.

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So, the store is located on Skobolev. It is one of those 24 hr joints on the block of Skobolev that crosses Vitosha. If memory serves you’ve got the Lindt Chocolate store on the corner, a tiny place selling meringue kisses, and then this 24 hr place. There is a neon sign above the door that in its current state says “0 – 94”. If you get to the Chinese place or Ma Baker, you’ve gone too far.

So, they had Chimay gold. But then didn’t have it anymore after that. “That” being when I bought it all. He. he. Ok they also have La Chouffe and MC Chouffe, Kwak, and some Belgians that I don’t know what they are. Prices range from 3lv to 10lv, which actually is a pretty good deal because most of this stuff would be like $11ish bucks in America.

So, there you have it. The lady will give you cups and you can sit on the NDK balcony between Culture Beat and Twins and enjoy the mountain views. Also a great place to have a fight about Bostonian accents. And the bathroom is just inside, inbetween Twins and that restaurant.

cushion for the pushin’,

Ms. Lee



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