Here, There and Everywhere

Oh my. There is so much food to tell you about. Spring has sprung and the city is an explosion of neon, hot pants and pollen-scented winds. The culmination of SOFIQM’s winter hibernation is imminent.

So here’s the latest:

Checkpoint Charly

The garden is open!  Wrought iron tables are set with mix n’ match dishware, ceramic flour and sugar canisters hold red carnations. Serene with a light breeze, Rakovski Boulevard is nearly undetectable. The food is upscale Bulgarian cuisine, and we were treated to some darn tasty steamed mussels with dill, grilled sirene with radish salad, kufteta on a bed of cabbage salad. Those of you who’ve had it up to here with kufteta and sirene, let me tell you this was all very tastefully done. The spices were some how more, surprising. Prices can also be described as “nouveau” and “surprising” so be prepared to pay for the lovely atmosphere, inspired cuisine, and diligent service.

Checkpoint Charly
12 Ivan Vazov St
Read reviews on Kapital & Bacchus
Mr Gyros

Dude. It’s a gyro. Mom and Pop make them, despite being part of a bigger franchise. Their 4th grade son rang us up. It was sweet. And tasty. And close to Hostel Mostel.

Mr. Gyros
21 Ivailo St. (Turn right off of Blvd. Makedonia)

Alcohol Center

Another store selling an assortment of Belgian beers. Prices are slightly better than at the 24 hr place, and they sell small and big bottles of beer, which is convenient if you don’t want to drink a lot. The appropriately named “Alcohol Center” is right near the park at 6ti Septemvri and Shishman. A great place to meet after work to unwind, especially as the light fades around the church at the end of the park, framed by lilacs and weeping willows.

Alcohol Center
38 Graf Ignatiev St.

Matroshka, the Russian Bakery

Salty, buttery, potatoey, mushroomy, perogi-esque “varenki” sprinkled with fresh herbs. Pelmeni; a savory meaty surprise in a perfect pillow of dough. Buy 25lv worth of food, which our group of 4 had no problem doing as we kept on ordering more dumplings and more compote-like blueberry drinks, and you get a free slice of cake! The Napoleon cake is made of layers of a ricotta-like cream and some flaky pastry that is oddly reminiscent of both cornflakes and the inside of butterfingers. Anyways, delightful, rich, and plentiful! We stuffed ourselves, like baby birds in the nest.

Corner of Luben Karavelov and Parensov
Next door to Red House
Review from Gladna Akula

Leaving you with a jam that is pure Summer. I’m ready, are you?




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